Here is some information about my friend Tom Clelland's CD project that I was closely involved in - I think the CD is great - especially for anyone who still has an inner child! You can buy the CD from me (£10 plus postage) - or from Tom Clelland's website -

1. Aberlady Links/The Swing (Stevenson) (Stevenson/Laing) Norman Chalmers/Heather Young
2. Shadow March (Stevenson/Laing) Robin Laing
3. Keepsake Mill (Stevenson/Clelland) Tom Clelland
4. The Land of Counterpane (Stevenson/Scott) Davie Scott
5. Where go the boats? (Stevenson/Laing) Ursula Laing
6. The Hayloft (Stevenson/Dougall) Billy Stewart
7. Picture Books in Winter (Stevenson/Clelland) Tom Clelland
8. My Ship and I (Stevenson/Malcolm) John Malcolm
9. Block City (Stevenson/Laing) Robin Laing
10. Escape at Bedtime (Stevenson/Clelland) Christine Kydd
11. The Moon (Stevenson/McCrone) Duncan McCrone
12. The Lamplighter (Stevenson/Laing) Robin and Ursula Laing
13. How far is it to Babylon? (Stevenson/Clelland) Tom Clelland
  Aberlady Links (Stevenson - arranged by Wendy Weatherby) Wendy Weatherby / Norman Chalmers
"From A Garden of Songs" produced by Tom Clelland, in which Scottish songwriters set thirteen of their favourite poems from Robert Louis Stevenson's "The Child's Garden of Verses" to music.

With songs and music by Robin Laing, Tom Clelland, Davie Scott, Christine Kydd, Duncan McCrone, Ursula Laing, Billy Stewart, John Malcolm, Wendy Weatherby, Heather Young, Pete Clark, Norman Chalmers , Mair Sethi, Rebecca Keay and Kris Koren.

The CD also includes Wendy Weatherby's arrangement of Robert Louis Stevenson's own composition "Aberlady Links" and is accompanied by a 28-page colour booklet of the poems with wonderful artwork by Peter Nardini.

The cover painting of Stevenson is a study for the famous painting by Count Pieri Nerli. The rest of the artwork is by Peter Nardini, collected from his paintings over the past five years.

A new RLS website was launched on 13 November at the National Library of Scotland. They played the Wendy's arrangement of Aberlady Links over the presentation at the launch.

The CD isn't really aimed at children, although we do have a wee girl singing the first track - it's more for grown-ups looking back. The idea is that you read the poem, listen to what the songwriter and musicians have done with it, look at the paintings, think back and enjoy (preferably by a warm fire with a good malt whisky or a glass of wine). The idea is that the music, the artwork and words should work together.

Here are some reviews:

"In this little gem of a CD, (Stevenson's) exquisite poems are very tastefully set to music and performed by a variety of contemporary folk singers who make each poem spring to life."
"This is an excellent example of giving a new lease of life to some beautiful short poems from one of Scotland's greatest authors."
"An excellent production."

Scottish Memories Magazine Feb 2010

"Brought into being by Lanarkshire songwriter Tom Clelland - who, with Robin Laing, contributes the bulk of the music and songs - this is a magical evocation of Robert Louis Stevenson's poetry for the child in us all. Peter Nardini's luminous paintings shine throughout the 28-page cover notes, and contributions from fiddler Pete Clark, cellist Wendy Weatherby and singers Christine Kydd, Davie Scott and Duncan McCrone are other glowing facets of this wee gem."

Scotland on Sunday 21st February 2010 - four stars out of five


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