Whisky Muse 2 The Whisky Muse 2 (Luath Press, £9.99)
This is a collection of Robin's own poems and songs on a subject that provides him with seemingly endless inspiration - Scotland's National Drink! Surely he is Scotland's WHISKY BARD. There are over 70 songs and poems, all constructed around stories and wry reflections - enjoyment might be enhanced by reading these with a glass of the amber nectar - but it is by no means essential.
Whisky Legends Of Islay Whisky Legends of Islay (Luath Press, £9.99)

Why was Islay cheese banned in Italy? Why is a wall in an Islay pub covered with coins? Who is the angel that protects the distilleries? How do you prevent a wolf from coming down your chimney?

Robin Laing brings together the myths and legends of the island of Islay through its most famous export - whisky.

Ranging from the ancient legends of the seal-people to more modern tales of whisky drinkers of mythic proportions, this introduction to the whisky drinkers and producers of Islay, past and present, shows the diverse ways in which whisky forms part of island culture. With eight of the best known Scotch distilleries, it is no wonder that Islay has the reputation as the centre of whisky tourism. In weaving together the many strands of whisky-myth using stories, poems and songs, Robin Laing brings the island of Islay, and all its colourful inhabitants, to life. The witty entries are great for dipping in and out of or, alternatively, to accompany a 'wee dram'.

The Whisky River The Whisky River (Luath Press, £12.99)

Why are half the distilleries in Scotland to be found along one river and its surrounding glens?
Why were monks at the forefront of developing whisky?
Which Speyside distillery has an annual migration of toads?
How did Glenrothes distillery expel its ghost?

Robin Laing set out to visit every distillery in the Speyside area, from Benromach to Tomintoul, and presents a guide to each of them here. There are descriptions of over 50 distilleries on Speyside, including The Macallan, The Glenlivet, Cardhu, Aberlour, Glenfiddich and Glen Grant.

Each entry is part history, part travelogue and part commentary on the changes in the whisky industry.
Includes personal musings by the author, stories associated with the distillery, and snippets of poetry and song.

Robin's 'spirit' guide in his journey is Alfred Barnard, author of 1887's The Whisky Distilleries of the United Kingdom. Barnard visited many of the same distilleries that Laing visits now and similarly left his impressions of the state of the facilities and the beauty of the surroundings. Much of this present book compares what Barnard found with what exists now, and the differences - and similarities - are often fascinating.

The Whisky Muse The Whisky Muse (Luath Press, £9.99)

Whisky - the water of life, perhaps Scotland's best known contribution to humanity
Muse - goddess of creative endeavour
The Whisky Muse - the spark of inspiration to many of Scotland's great poets and songwriters.

This book is a collection of the best poems and songs, both old and new, on the subject of that great Scottish love, whisky.

Brought together by Robin Laing and based on his one-man show The Angel's Share, it combines two of his passions - folk song and whisky. Each poem and song is accompanied by fascinating additional information, and the book is full of interesting tit-bits on the process of whisky making. Reflected in these poems and songs are the pleasures (and medicinal benefits) of imbibing this most beloved of spirits as well as the unfortunate consequences of overindulgence, the centuries of religious disapproval, the temperance movement and the exciseman. The stories told here are lubricated by warmth and companionship, best enjoyed with dram in hand. Slainte.
North British 125 Years of the The North British Distillery Co Ltd

This book was published by Luath in October 2010. It is not generally available for sale, further information from the N B Co Ltd.


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