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1. The Last Trip Home
2. What’s Waiting for You
3. Heavy Horses
4. The Last Clydesdales
5. Gone are the Strong Ones
6. The Baron o’ Buchlyvie
7. Champion
8. Samson Dreams
9. Princie & Jean
10. David & Goliath
11. Boxer’s Story
12. Hector and Bessie
13. The Dying Ploughboy
14. The Day When The Horses Come Back
15. The Last of Your Line
16. The Clydesdale Horse

Scotland is a land rich in stories. The people who live here love nothing better than to sit round together exchanging stories on a winter’s evening, with a fire in the grate and some drams. It doesn’t matter what form the stories take. These days it could be jokes or shaggy dog stories. In the old days it might have been long narrative ballads. Songs and poems have always been acceptable ways of conveying stories in Scotland.


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